Trestle 1A Pile Repairs

Project Name: Trestle 1A Pile Repairs
Location: Naval Weapons Station Earle, Colts Neck, New Jersey
Contract Number: N62472-00-D-0816 T0001

This waterfront project included corrosion control of 586 steel pipe piles by a combination of pile encapsulation from approx. El. -2 ft to +6 ft and application of coatings to the bearing cap assemblies at various elevations above the FRP pile jackets. FRP pile Jackets were filled with Epoxy Grout.

Other contract work also included the removal and repositioning of anodes. Contract work was performed with no interruption/disruption to ammunition loading activities or blockage of roadway or rail lines on the trestle.

Trestle 1A Pile Repairs
Wharf and Pier Improvements

Wharf and Pier Improvements

Project Name: Wharf and Pier Improvements
Location: Philadelphia Naval Business Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Contract Number: N40085-08-C-2851

This project provided for the design and construction of improvements to existing wharf and pier facilities used by the Naval Inactive Ships Maintenance Office (NISMO) at the PNBC. The project included installation and repair of timber piles; installation of steel fender pile systems; the concrete seawall and slab repair; installation of site electrical services, including substations and switchgear, duct banks, and outlets; site work and other incidental related work.

The work was performed on seven different facilities at PNBC: Pier 4, 16th Street Wharf, Wharf F, Pier F, Wharf N, Constitution Avenue Wharf, and Intrepid Avenue Wharf.

Port of Portland Terminal 5, Berth 503

Project Name: Port of Portland Terminal 5, Berth 503
Location: Portland, Oregon
Contract Number: n/a

The project included the complete design, structural repair, and corrosion protection of the Terminal 5 Berth 503 concrete wharf structure. The goal of the project was to extend the useful life of the wharf structure for a minimum of 30 years. The project was completed in two phases.

Phase 1 consisted of additional inspections and testing (beyond those completed and reported in a preliminary investigation), structural design, structural detailing, estimating, analysis, planning, scheduling, subcontract preparation, and planned procurements required to create a Phase 2 negotiated construction contract with no more than 20 percent total contingency. Phase 2 consisted of the structural repairs and corrosion protection work which included the installation of a suspended work platform on the underside of the entire pier, an 830' long x 50' wide concrete pile-supported structure.

Working closely with Moffat & Nichol as our design partners, Triton removed all deteriorated concrete and employed the services of Vector Corrosion Technologies to provide the cathodic protection needed on the existing reinforcing before forming and pouring the new concrete. Work included the complete repairs of the conveyor system and its support structure which had also seen concrete deterioration due to corrosion.

Port of Portland Terminal 5, Berth 503

Drydock #1 - Renovations

Project Name: Drydock #1 - Renovations
Location: Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Kittery, ME
Contract Number: N40085-11-C-7221

Key elements of work included: • Dredging in front of drydock • Installation of temporary cofferdam • Removal of deteriorated concrete from all drydock surfaces using mechanical and hydro-demolition techniques – 78,000 SF – 3,800 TNS of concrete removed • New cast in place concrete for all wall and floor surfaces - 2,200 CY • Extend drydock length and install new caisson seat • New electrical test power facility • New electrical load center • Replace utility lines in service galleries • Refurbish two drydock dewatering pumps • New fender system • High pressure compressed air piping • HVAC replacement for pump well • New capstans and mooring devices • New handrails, stairwells, drydock drainage structures & misc. metals

Dry Dock #3 Repairs

Project Name: Dry Dock #3 Repairs
Location: Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington
Contract Number: N44255-94-C-7433

The project consisted of rebuilding an existing dry dock. The rebuild included a completely new design for the dry dock. The project was separated into two phases, the North and South end. The South end, which was the entrance end, had to be finished and ready to receive ships under Phase I. The original schedule was very aggressive and further hampered by the Navy's delay in turning over the dry dock for construction.

The availability date of the dry dock slipped by over two months and yet the completion date remained the same. Triton worked closely with the Navy, and through overtime, additional personnel, and equipment, was able to complete Phase I by the originally scheduled date. The remainder of the project was then completed ahead of the final contract completion date. The work consisted of demolition, concrete repairs, pre-cast concrete panels, rail work, utilities, asphalt paving, excavation and disposal of contaminated materials, and other related work. The Shipyard delayed the availability of the Dry Dock, which in turn delayed the commencement of work. The first milestone, which was to make the South End of the Dry Dock operational, did not slide accordingly. This caused the need to accelerate and work additional overtime.

The milestone date was met and the Navy enjoyed the use of the South End of the Dry Dock three months earlier than anticipated with the delay in availability. Triton moved forward with the order to accelerate in good faith and the Navy responded with a Contract Increase to compensate Triton for the extra cost. Numerous changes were requested by the user and were incorporated into the project by Change Orders. Some of these were quantity overruns and others were simply additional work requested by the user.


Harbor Operations and Small Craft Berth

Project Name: Harbor Operations and Small Craft Berth
Location: Naval Station Mayport, Florida
Contract Number: N62467-99-C-1032

This Design-Build project involved the design and construction of a new harbor and operations building for berthing of tugs and small watercraft for Naval Facilities Engineering Command (owner) and NS Mayport Harbor Operations (end-user). This FL project included more than 1200 linear feet of steel sheet pile wall, concrete piles, tieback installation, concrete encapsulation, fender system, bollards, cleats, and excavation, dredging of more than 200,000 cubic yards of material.

Wharf-side utilities include water, sanitary waste, oily waste, electrical, and communications. Site work includes storm-water containment and treatment, major utility relocations, landscaping, and paving. Also included was a 17,000 SF multistory support building for the Harbor Operations department. Early in the project, arsenic-contaminated soils were discovered. Triton worked with the owner and regulatory authorities to develop and implement a solution that ultimately saved the owner several hundred thousand dollars. Later in the project when many of the owner representatives were transferred and or retired, Triton coordinated and sponsored an additional partnering session for the new management staff, in order that they could meet other team members and become an integral part of the NAVFAC/TRITON team.